MP-300-4 (300 kg)


Model: MP-300-4

Maximum redistribution of weighing, kg: 300

Platform size, mm: 1000х1000, 1000х1200, 1200х1200 (execution under the client is possible)

Division point, g: 100

Warranty: 18 months

Certified in Ukraine, undergo metrological verification.

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The design of the balance is made with a safety margin of 2.5 times the largest weighing limit. The upper deck is made of corrugated steel with a thickness of 4 (mm). Powder coating of the balance provides reliable protection against corrosion, temperature changes, and other adverse effects of external factors. It is possible to manufacture platforms of any size to customer requirements.

The balance electronics consists of strain gauges manufactured by ZEMIC (IP67), a weighing indicator manufactured by METAS, a summing box, strain gauge cable in a protective sleeve. Work from the accumulator and from a network. It is possible to connect the scales to any accounting systems.











-Execution of a design from stainless steel;

-execution of the top flooring with stainless steel;

-indicator stand;

-sliding ramps;

-duplicate Scoreboard;


Standard features:

-Max. sample of tare mass,% – 100;

-automatic zero setting;

-a choice of filters for work in the conditions of vibration.

Which model of scales to choose depends on what tasks and in what conditions have to be solved. So, pay attention to the required load capacity, the stability of the balance to various chemical and temperature influences, the possibility of autonomous operation and the type of weight indicator. The price of platform scales will depend on their configuration, manufacturing materials, function, maximum load and interface, as well as on the required integration into accounting systems.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service in all regional centers of Ukraine.

You can buy platform scales from the manufacturer of METAS by contacting our sales department – 0 800 301 770 (free)


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